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More Good News for the Nonprofit Community

The IRS announced today that publicly available information from approved Form 1023-EZ, Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption filings, is now available  online for the first time. The data on IRS.gov is available in spreadsheet format and includes information for approved 1023-EZ applications beginning in mid-2014, when the form was introduced. The information will be updated quarterly. The […]

RVA BizLaw Episode 1 Now Available on YouTube

Ready for a 6-minute introduction to Virginia LLCs and why they have become such a popular choice of entity in the small business community?  Then click below to watch the first episode of the new RVA BizLaw series. The next episode will feature more about Virginia LLCs, including seven key issues to address in an […]

IRS Releases New Version of Form 990-EZ

The IRS announced today the release of an updated Form 990-EZ, Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, that will help tax-exempt organizations avoid common mistakes when filing their annual return. The new version of Form 990-EZ includes 29 “help” icons describing key information needed to complete many of the fields within the form. The […]

Warning to Virginia Nonprofits-Watch Out if a Major Donor Declares Bankruptcy

Who would think that the bankruptcy of an emerging growth company could impact the nonprofit community in a dramatic way?  Well, ask around the RVA nonprofit community and how they are being impacted by the Health Diagnostics Laboratory (HDL) bankruptcy case which has been trudging its way through bankruptcy court since 2015 with no end in sight.  How does […]

Looking for a 5-Minute Introduction to Virginia limited liability companies?

The Virginia LLC has become an enormously popular choice of entity for small business startups through the Commonwealth.  Limited liability protection, pass-through tax treatment, minimal statutory formalities, and maximum flexibility in designing a governance structure and economic sharing arrangements among owners are a few reasons why.  Click here for a quick introduction to the Virginia limited […]


Discussion Topics for LLC Owners

Going into business with one or more other people offers many potential benefits and risks.  You hope for success, but need to plan for the worst.  A carefully drafted agreement among a group of business partners is important to memorialize owner expectations and understandings concerning a variety of important topics.  Click here for a short […]