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Perkins Law Franchising Start-Up Package

The process of starting a franchised business can be an exciting experience, but the process also involves significant legal and business issues and documentation. For many entrepreneurs, a franchise agreement is the most important contract they will ever sign. Let Perkins Law help you navigate the franchising process by providing a selection of services and […]


Tennis Rules Excitement at the US Open

One of the great sporting events in America, the U.S. Open starts on Monday in New York.  Aside from the entertainment value of watching the world’s best tennis players compete for one of the most prestigious trophies in sports, you can also get a crash course on tennis rules by watching the on-court action and […]

1031/Tenant-in-Common Programs Making a Comeback?

Ten years ago, the syndicated 1031/TIC market was exploding with roughly 75 real estate sponsors raising over $4 billion in equity, then came the Great Recession and the industry more or less shut down, with many of those sponsors (and the independent broker-dealer firms who marketed the product) closing down with it.  We know the […]

Due Diligence Very Important for Prospective Franchisees

Are you considering becoming a franchise owner?  When done correctly, franchising is a great way of doing business for both franchisors and franchisees.  Success is not guaranteed, however, and franchised businesses can and do fail.  To improve their chances of long term success, prospective franchisees have to do their homework (lawyers refer to it as […]