Don’t Blame Regulation D for Troubles in the Alternative Investment Market
June 08, 2011

If you believe what you read, you might come to associate Regulation D private placements with bad deals, ponzi schemes, scam artists, and unscrupulous securities brokers pushing bad investment products on innocent people.

Raising the Bar for Regulation D Private Placements
April 27, 2011

Companies and sponsors thinking of raising capital through a private offering should devote the time and resources necessary to understand and appreciate the importance of securities law compliance.

Perkins to Speak on Charity Event Compliance Issues at Virginia Fundraising Institute 2011
March 28, 2011

Richmond business and nonprofit lawyer Eric Perkins will lead a workshop at the Virginia Fund Raising Institute 2011 on July 18-19, 2011 at the Wyndham Virginia Crossings Conference Center.

Don’t Forget Your “Doing Business As” Filings.
March 01, 2011

In many situations a business entity will conduct business under a trade name different from its legal name (e.g., ABC Enterprises, LLC operating a restaurant named “Big Bob’s House of Ribs”).

ConnectRichmond Nonprofit Workshop a Big Success
February 26, 2011

I was pleased to see over three dozen nonprofit leaders and organizers in attendance at last Wednesday’s workshop organized by ConnectRichmond.

SEC Proposes New Rule 501(a)(5) Accredited Investor Standard for High Net Worth Individuals
January 25, 2011

The SEC announced a proposed rule change to Rule 501(a)(5) of Regulation D as required under Section 413(a) of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.