Introduction to a New Flat Fee Service Package: Bullying Prevention & Resolution
July 19, 2021

School is intended to be a safe place focused on learning and development. However, thousands of students across the nation fall victim to bullying each and every day. Bullying is an epidemic that is linked with negative impacts on learning,…

Building Trust and Rapport in Virtual Communication
July 16, 2021

While the world is slowly opening again, certain aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic era seem to be here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future). In our “new normal,” hybrid and virtual modes of work are transforming the workforce. And…

New Era Healthcare – David Napier
July 14, 2021

Great presentation by local entrepreneur David Napier of New Era Healthcare at today’s 1 Million Cups Zoom meeting. New Era Healthcare is a new business that plans to address gaps in traditional healthcare by providing healthcare on-site.…

July Nonprofit Spotlight: Nolef Turns
July 02, 2021

Each month Perkins Law spotlights a local nonprofit doing inspiring work in the central Virginia area, and the featured nonprofit for July 2021 is Nolef Turns. Visit to learn more.

Encorepreneur’s “Travel in a Post-Pandemic World”
June 30, 2021

The Perkins Law team ventured out to the Virginia Cliffe Inn for Encorepreneur’s first in-person event of the year, “Travel in a Post-Pandemic World”. Encorepreneur hosted three travel agents, Herb Farrar, Stacy Luks, and Betty Sedia,…

25 Tips for Selling a Franchised Business
June 28, 2021

Selling a franchised business presents some unique issues not typically found in the sale of an independent small business. Rather than closing a deal between two parties, selling a franchised business involves three parties: (i) the selling…