Don’t Underestimate Importance of Commercial Lease Negotiations
October 01, 2011

A commercial lease often represents the most significant legal obligation and expense for a start-up business. Business owners should not take the lease review and negotiation process for granted.

Nonprofit converts to “B” corporation for access to capital
August 31, 2011

According to a recent report by Forbes, has decided to convert to a “B” or “Benefit” Corporation in order to receive $7.6 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and the Omidyar Network.

Flip Flop Shop Franchise Debuts in Henrico County
August 07, 2011

The newest franchise to join the local business community is the Flip Flop Shop, which recently opened a location at Short Pump Town Center.

Check out HARO for Free Publicity Opportunities
August 01, 2011

Some media and marketing experts will tell you the best marketing for your business will often come for free.

Make Payroll Tax Compliance Top Priority
August 01, 2011

Roanoke restaurant developer Roland “Spanky” Macher is learning a hard lesson about the perils of not properly accounting for payroll taxes withheld from employees.

Plan Carefully if Using Groupon or LivingSocial to Stir Up Business
August 01, 2011

The “group buying” or daily discount promotions offered online through Groupon, LivingSocial, and other players racing into the marketplace can be beneficial to your small business if done correctly….

Be Smart When it Comes to Securities Law Compliance
August 01, 2011

Raising capital from outside investors, whether from “friends and family” or an angel investor, will often trigger the application of federal and state securities laws.

Have You Explored SWaM Opportunities?
August 01, 2011

The Virginia SWaM Procurement Initiative was established in 2006 to provide new business opportunities for small, women- and minority-owned businesses.

Why NOT to do business as a sole proprietorship.
August 01, 2011

While many entrepreneurs and small business owners are fond of the sole proprietorship as a business structure due to its simplicity, there are a variety of disadvantages and shortcomings to the sole proprietorship.

Don’t Blame Regulation D for Troubles in the Alternative Investment Market
June 08, 2011

If you believe what you read, you might come to associate Regulation D private placements with bad deals, ponzi schemes, scam artists, and unscrupulous securities brokers pushing bad investment products on innocent people.