Coming This Summer – HERE’S THE RULE Series Featuring Tennis Rules and Sportsmanship Tips
June 05, 2017

Got a question about tennis rules? Come across a strange situation during a match and weren’t sure of the rule? New to tennis and don’t have a clue about tennis rules or etiquette? No more worries. Tennis rules guru Eric Perkins will be…

2017 RTA Tennis Community Scholarship presented by Perkins Law, PLLC
February 21, 2017

Now accepting applications for the 2017 RTA Tennis Community Scholarship presented by Perkins Law, PLLC. Recognizing that tennis offers a pathway to a healthy and fulfilling life, the RTA and Perkins Law are proud to offer a $1,000 college scholarship…

Legal Support Services for Virginia Franchise Owners
January 24, 2017

Life for prospective and new franchise owners can be both exciting and overwhelming, hundreds of decisions to make and details to address each and every day—especially during the start-up phase. Here are a few contract and compliance tips…

Discussion Topics for LLC Owners
January 12, 2017

Going into business with one or more other people offers many potential benefits and risks.  You hope for success, but need to plan for the worst.  A carefully drafted agreement among a group of business partners is important to memorialize…

A Quick Overview of Virginia Business Entities
January 03, 2017

Virginia is consistently ranked as one of the best places in America in which to do business.  Virginia’s business entity statutes offer entrepreneurs a variety of options for structuring new business activities and investments.  Click here for…

A Few Compliance Tips and Best Practices for Startup Nonprofits in Virginia
December 15, 2016

Receiving an IRS determination letter recognizing tax-exempt status is an exciting moment in the existence of a young nonprofit organization, but there are many other legal, compliance, and governance issues to consider in the months and years…

15 Things to Do When You Hire Your First Employee
November 11, 2016

For every Virginia small business owner or entrepreneur, it is a special moment when you realize that it is time to hire your first employee.  It is no longer just you earning a living for yourself.  You are now entering new territory, adding…