Starting a new business is an exciting and challenging adventure.  You have literally hundreds of decisions to make and issues to address–legal, accounting, tax, marketing, insurance, financial, staffing, site selection, technology, and the list goes on.  Most entrepreneurs recognize the value and importance of working with third-party professionals when appropriate.  But even when a small business owner decides to rely on third-party professionals for something like legal work, there are many available options from which to choose.

As a small business, franchising, and nonprofit lawyer, I enjoy working with small business owners and entrepreneurs and have put together a variety of flat fee packages specifically designed to provide helpful legal advice and assistance at an affordable, predictable price.

For example, take a look at my flat fee package for LLC formations and compare it to what other law firms and online service providers offer.  Does it include telephone, email, and in-person consultations?  Does it include guidance on IRS Form SS-4 issues, tax classification issues, registered agent service, local business license issues, certificate of assumed name issues? Do you have confidence in the person who are speaking to on the phone or meeting (are you even getting to speak to a licensed attorney)?  I’m sure you will find a variety of prices, but be sure you understand what is or isn’t included in any flat fee package so you can make an informed decision and budget accordingly.

If you are starting a new small business in Virginia or just quickly need a Virginia LLC set up for a real estate investment, as part of an estate plan, or other purpose, give me a call to chat more about your plans and whether I’d be a good fit to help.  No charge for an initial brainstorming discussion.

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