Encorepreneur’s “Travel in a Post-Pandemic World”

The Perkins Law team ventured out to the Virginia Cliffe Inn for Encorepreneur’s first in-person event of the year, “Travel in a Post-Pandemic World”. Encorepreneur hosted three travel agents, Herb Farrar, Stacy Luks, and Betty Sedia, to highlight to changes that COVID-19 brought to their industry – hint: there have been many. Not surprisingly, the agents have seen an increased trend of smaller group travel and “work-cations,” as people continue to work remotely. Overall, the agents agreed that the three keys to traveling in a “post”-pandemic world are travel insurance, flexibility, and patience.

It was fantastic getting to see everyone in person. The space was beautiful, and the event was a huge success. We look forward to Encorepreneur’s next event featuring Miss America! To learn more about Encorepreneur, please click here.

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