#RVABizLaw Tip of the Day: Recommended Book for Small Business Owners

Recommended book for small business owners—Built to Sell by John Warrilow. Understanding the process of preparing your small business for sale, how to maximize the marketability of your business, and then navigating a successful sale of your business are critically important steps for any small business owner.   Since going the “IPO” route is not an option for 99% of small businesses in America, the best case scenario for a successful exit option to monetize the value of what you’ve built over the life of your company is a negotiated sale to a third-party buyer.  Navigating the process can take several years and will feel like running a second business in and of itself.  Warrilow’s book demystifies the process in an easy-to-read narrative format and offers valuable tips for every stage of the process.   Highly recommended reading for any small business owner. 

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