Can a Nonprofit Organization Require Board Members to Donate?
September 22, 2022

The simple answer is yes it can (and many do), but perhaps the bigger question is whether an organization really wants (or needs) to impose such a mandate?  It is legally permissible for a nonprofit organization to require its directors to…

#RVABizLaw Tip of the Day: Can the Organization President do That Without Board Approval?
March 12, 2019

Our nonprofit organization is mired in controversy with a bitterly divided board of directors that argues regularly over a variety of strategic and financial issues.  The latest board dispute relates to access to the organization's operating…

RVA BizLaw Episode 16 – The Perkins Law 5-Finger Philosophy to Nonprofit Board Composition
August 10, 2017

Episode 16 in the RVA BizLaw series is now available and will explain how every member of a nonprofit board fits into one of five categories–each one resembling a different finger on your hand!