What is “ADR”?
April 22, 2020

QUESTION: What is "ADR" and should ADR language be included in my business contracts? ASNWER: The term “ADR” refers to alternative dispute resolution—methods of resolving disputes outside of court. In my experience, resorting to litigation…

Flat Fee Legal Support Services for Virginia Small Business Owners
April 03, 2017

Ever had legal question concerning your small business and wished you had a reliable resource you could turn to for help that wouldn’t cost you $400 per hour? If so, then take a look at the flat fee service package offered by RVA small business…

A Few Tips for Employee Retention and a More Engaged Workforce
October 14, 2016

Recruiting and retaining a talented team is just as important for small businesses as it is for professional sports organizations.  I’ve had recent conversations with several local entrepreneurs who shared their current challenges and frustrations…