RVA BizLaw Episode 14 – Tips for Navigating Ethical Dilemmas at Work
July 27, 2017

The latest episode in the RVA BizLaw series is now available!! Need a few tips for navigating an ethical dilemma at work? Eric Perkins offers three steps to help provide a framework that will allow you to stay out of trouble while maintaining…

RVA BizLaw Episode 13 – The Importance of Business Ethics for Small Business Owners
July 18, 2017

RVA BizLaw episode 13 is now available. This episode dives into the importance of business ethics for small business owners. Anyone else agree that ethics is a timely topic for discussion? Catch episode 14 next week where we will share 3 steps…

RVA BizLaw Episode 9 – Intro to Short Pump Rotary and Henrico Business Leaders
June 01, 2017

RVA BizLaw Episode 9 is now available!! Visit our YouTube channel below to learn about some of the best kept secrets of the RVA entrepreneurial ecosystem, including local business networking and community service organizations like the Short…