Fundraising and Timing Issues for Newly Formed Nonprofit Organizations
December 13, 2019

Startup nonprofits often face a tough fundraising challenge during their first year or two of existence. The organization desperately wants to begin operations in pursuit of its charitable mission before they receive formal approval of their…

Should a Dormant Nonprofit Organization Deactivate the “Donate” Button on its Website?
October 28, 2019

For an inactive nonprofit organization that is not engaged in any formal activities or fundraising efforts, there is no reason to have a functioning “Donate” or “Donate Here” button on its website as it only creates risk (albeit not…

Fundraising Compliance Tips for Youth Sports Booster Clubs
March 14, 2018

While the legal concepts are pretty simple and straightforward, there always seems to be a lot of confusion and noncompliance when it comes to youth sports and school-related booster clubs and their fundraising efforts.  Here is a short article…