Early Stage Financing Options for Small Business Startups in Virginia
August 15, 2017

Financing a small business startup can present many challenges to Virginia entrepreneurs.  If life was perfect, a business owner would never have to seek outside capital to finance the growth (or survival) of its business.  But we know that…

Discussion Topics for LLC Owners
January 12, 2017

Going into business with one or more other people offers many potential benefits and risks.  You hope for success, but need to plan for the worst.  A carefully drafted agreement among a group of business partners is important to memorialize…

Perkins Law Renews Sponsorship of Local SCOREcard Business Model Competition
January 10, 2017

Richmond small business and nonprofit law firm Perkins Law, PLLC has signed on as a sponsor of the SCOREcard Business Model Competition for the second year in a row.  The business startup competition, featuring a $5,000 cash prize and free…