Career Transition Tips from Michael Mason

The featured speaker at this month’s Encorepreneur meeting was Michael Mason, a former Marine, high-ranking FBI official, Verizon executive and, most recently, a Chesterfield County school bus driver.  In a highly engaging presentation, Mr. Mason shared his life story and offered valuable insights on topics ranging from leadership to the importance of recognizing the value of all the members of your team (i.e., there are no unimportant jobs).  With respect to career and life transitions, key takeaway tips included:

  • Start your planning early.
  • Consider leaving a “legacy” by transferring your contacts, presentations, speeches, etc. to a colleague before you leave a company.
  • Don’t leave without making farewells.
  • Don’t procrastinate.  When it comes to pursuing goals or getting things done, we all think we have more time than we really do.
  • Create your own personal bucket list and never stop adding to it.

If you have never attended an Encorepreneur meeting, you are missing out on one of RVA’s best monthly networking opportunities and a chance to visit a local business, educational, religious, or cultural institution, entertainment destination, or government facility that you perhaps have never visited before.  Check out the Encorepreneur website and schedule for upcoming events.

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