Pop Quiz for Nonprofit Board Members

While millions of civic-minded, passionate individuals volunteer their valuable time and talent each year to serve on nonprofit boards, the pertinent question not asked often enough is “How engaged is our board of directors?” If you are currently serve on a nonprofit board of directors, take this simple quiz to assess how engaged you are with your organization:

  • What is the charitable mission of the organization?
  • What is the primary source of funding for the organization?
  • Am I attending at least 80% of scheduled board and committee meetings each year?
  • Have a I had a meaningful discussion with the President or Executive Director of the organization (outside of a board meeting) in the past year?
  • How is the organization doing relative to similar organizations in the area (or other areas of similar size)?
  • If the President or Executive Director left the organization tomorrow, who would step up to run the organization?
  • Is the organization consistently operating within its budget?
  • Which version of IRS Form 990 does the organization file and did I review the most recently filed Form 990?
  • Do I proactively encourage people in my professional and social networks to support this organization?
  • Have I reviewed the organization’s Bylaws in the last two years?

If you either couldn’t answer a majority of these questions or answered in the negative, then take this opportunity to recommit to your organization, raise the level of your game, and be the best nonprofit volunteer everyone knows you can be. Remember that serving as a nonprofit officer or director carries with it both expectations from the organization and those serving with you as well as fiduciary duties under the law that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Reach out to us anytime with legal, compliance, or governance questions about your nonprofit organization. Click here for a description of our flat fee annual service package exclusively offered to Virginia nonprofits.

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